The more precisely you plan, the harder destiny will hit you. 

My name is Qammar Abas.I have done my bachelors in Civil engineering specialization in transportation from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan.
This  website gives information about me, my contacts and also there are some images relating to my   institution.There is information about the courses I have studied, particularly in engineering classes . If  you require more details, the request  can be made using the contacts provided.There is a separate page attached to the website particularly for my friends. where they may login and send messages to the registered friends.This may provide an humble plateform by me for my friends where they contact each other.

Following are the contents of  the website which may ease you to understand the sitemap:
Guestbook:- A station  for the friends who has permission to use this page. they can write here msgs and coments for me.
Photos:- There are some pictures related to my institution as well as some wallpapers are also there.                                                                                       DOCUMENTS:-There are some imp. notes etc. 
About:- At this page there is information about me,There is also information  about my achievements and responsibilities.
For Suggestions email me at :                                                                                                    

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